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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  November 17, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PST

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it is happening in san jose where a gun fight broke out between police and a suspected it robber. one officer was hit by a bullet. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. an armed robbery turned into a chase and then a shootout. alan wang is live at the scene with the latest on this breaking news tonight. alan? >> reporter: dan and carolyn, this is just one of the intersections shutdown in east san jose to night.
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we are told that police -- there was an armed robbery around 9:30 and police chased them to this spot, this area where they shot it out with them. we are told one of the officers was wounded, but we don't mow his condition at this time. across the street you can see them looking for evidence over there. the gun fight happened right in front of the best western right in front of highway 101. i spoke to the desk clerk and this is what she had to say. >> i told them, wow, that's gunshots. she was like, no, it couldn't have been. but then we heard the sirens and that's when we knew there were gunshots. >> and that guest had just checked in. he said he left his 12-year-old son in the car, and that's when the gunshots went off just five yards from his son. the suspects are believed to be still on the loose. we have seen helicopters flying over this area.
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this intersection is shutdown right now. it is a crime scene. we have seen police officers darting in and out and around the area with their sirens on. apparently they are still searching for these suspects. right over here is where they are questioning several guests from the hotel asking them what their account was when those shots went off. again there was a robbery, a chase, a gun fight and a suspect on the loose. one officer we are told has been wounded. we don't know his condition at this time. reporting live in san jose, alan wang, abc7 news. >> let's hope they get those guys. we'll stay on this breaking story and bring you any updates as soon as necessary. >> a storm is bringing a lot of rain to the bay area. some areas are getting drenched. like this spot in marin county, but no president ares of flooding. sandhya patel is live with live doppler 7hd. >> we have rain right now on live doppler 7hd. this storm hasn't lost steam. let's check it out and i will show what you it looks like
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from the perspective of the radar. they are tracking the storm and staying ahead of it. most of the rain has been steady and at times heavy in the north bay this evening. i am going to take you down closer to street level here. highway 101 in santa rosa around todd road is getting moderate rainfall. as we pan around to other parts of the bay, you can see we are still getting wet weather from san francisco to daily city and san bruno and san mateo and 42nd avenue. as you look here, east bay communities around dennison, oaknd la, peaked moneyed -- piedmont getting rain. storm number two is still coming. i will be back to let you know when that system will arrive. and if your weekend is going to be a washout or if you will actually get some breaks. dan? >> sandhya, thank you very much. sergio has been out in the rain all evening. he is live in larkspur in marin tonight. hi, sergio. >> reporter: we have been seeing some pretty steady
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rains in the north bay. right now in larkspur we are seeing a nice drizzle. a little further up this sonoma county earlier this evening we saw heavier downpours. but they did not dim their friday night lights. >> the steady game did not wash out in roanoke park. >> a wet ball and both sides are losing it. >> on this field in the match up between the cougars and the los-lomas nights, the big players managed to make the big moves. >> off the field the rain prompted some last-minute sales of a most have accessory. >> ponco $1. >> he snatched up one of the umbrellas because his poncho was hijacked. >> where is major umbrella? >> my sister's friend took it. >> some of the crowd cheered while staying nice and dry under a sky box. in marin county, a steady rain
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throughout the evening was a welcome sight for some. >> it is wonderful to see the rain. it is good for everything. >> i am leaving very soon to a very, very hot and dusty area. this is very nice to be in front of. >> and one person not only hoped for more rain, but he hoped for more snow in the sierra too. >> last year was pretty -- well, as far as snow went it was a pretty disappointing year for that. >> even with the rain-soaked freeways we have noticed that they have been relatively incident free with one big exception. we just learned that a chp officer did roll his patrol vehicle up near petaluma. we understand he is being examined at the moment, but they do not fear that he has any major injuries. live in marine county, abc7 news. >> that's good to hear. sergio, thank you very much. it should be a rainy night in the sierra. you can see the roads are
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slick with rain. right now there are no traffic warnings if you are headed to tahoe. temperatures will be above freezing as high as 7500 feet. as sandy can tell us it will change when the temperatures are expected to drop in the sierra. wree learning more about the -- we are learning more about the man arrested. the security administration believed the man tried to pass bomb materials through security. abc7 news reporter h ama date is live with what we learned about the suspect. >> reporter: jeffrey mcgann is being held in the santa resaw jail. it is to make a destructive device. he says what he was carrying through the airport was something very different. abc7 news has learned 49-year-old jeffrey mcgann told investigators he was an artist and carrying art work through oakland international airport last night. not components that could be used to make a bomb as police believe. we did some digging into his background and found a website and he appears to be in creative media. his linked in profile says he
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an executive creative director and producer for generator content in the greater los angeles area. click on the company's link and you are out of luck. mcgann was arrested while going through the check point at southwest airlines. he was on his way home to rancho palace -- palos-verdes in southern california. we heard he took it off and covered it with a coat. >> it had a toggle switch, a series of fuses, series of wires protruding from it, a circuit board. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff sergeant jd nelson said even though mcgann was not in possession of the explosives, the bomb squad determined he had what is needed to make a timing device for a bomb. police say his boots were two sizes too big and stuffed with layers of in soles like shoe bomber richard reid. >> they had what appeared to be a homemade cavity in there. >> an area where something could be statuted. stashed.
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his shirt was military style and tier gnaw kit -- turn kit in the sleeve. it can stop the bleeding if your arm is injury. and there is always the concern that this could have been a dry run. in the newsroom, ama date, abc7 news. >> thank you. let's go overseas. a massive blast rocked gaza city as israel and hamas edge closer to the brink of war. it struck the police headquarterses and it was more than 180 strikes in the past few hours. the battle began when israel killed hamas' military leader in retaliation hamas fired hundreds of rockets into israel from the gaza strip. israel is targeting possible hamas rocket sites. they also have 75,000 troops ready to march into gaza if necessary. president obama says he supports israel's right to defend itself. now, the attacks triggered a protest in san francisco.
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the palestinian demonstrators want to see an end to the strikes on the gaza strip. and right across the street, israeli supporters shouted their nation is acting in self-defense. new at 11:00, a road rage incident in fremont escalate need a physical fight before police arrested one of the drivers. it happened in the middle of auto mall parkway. police say both drivers, one in a cement truck, stopped right in the middle of the road claiming to have been cutoff. the driver of the cement truck pulled out a hammer and punched the other driver several times and tried to ram the car into traffic. the cement truck driver was arrested after he drove to his work a block away. we have the surveillance picture of a san francisco sheriff deputy who was arrested for bank robbery. this is 36-year-old philip chung tong. he robed a bank of america branch in the richmond district. tong is said to have given a teller a note and got away with $1700 in cash. tong faces felony charges of
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robbery and burglary. one of oakland's most wanted criminals is in jail. they arrested him at the ruth's crist steak house. an off duty officer from oakland was having a birthday dinner with his wife when he spotted him. during the arrest several of his friends tried to skip out on the bill. officers made them go back and pay it. he is suspected it of several home invasion robberies. locking your luggage is a must if you are traveling over the holidays. >> you may want to think twice about the tsa-approved locks. >> michael finney is here with a big problem you may not know about. >> dan, carolyn, the tsa, those locks i should say, only you and the tsa can open them. but thousands of people are complaining them that the locks are disappearing after they check their bags. we looked into why the system doesn't always work. >> also, the abc7i team looks at the stuff that is glueing
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stuff together, safe to eat or diet danger? >> and sandhya patel will look ahead to the weekend with live doppler 7hd. will it be a total washout? all that have is coming up and then late other "nightline." >> dan and cirl lynn, up next -- and carolyn, up next on "nightline" a man who says he has photographic proof of our climate. and with jerusalem under attack, a report from middle east on the brink. that's on "nightline."
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holiday season, you probably have thought a lot 3w* using a tsa-approved luggage lock to keep your bag safe. >> it secures your belongings while allowing tsa agents to inspect locked luggage with a master key they have. but that system does ntd always work. -- doesn't always work. >> michael finney is here with more. >> if this system worked travelers can reuse their locks each time they travel. and know that their luggage is
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being kept safe. some of the locks are simply being cutoff. >> she travels -- he travels for work twice a month. he is expecting not to get his luggage locks back after using hem. >> i am always anxious to see if the lock will be there when it comes off the turn style. >> he landed at sfo with a similar chore. >> sometimes i find the lock has been tampered with and my valuables are sometimes missing. >> it is a story read about over and over. he works for the travel blog flyer >> it has been a low-level buzz on wire talk for several years. jay -- >> he estimates it has happened two or three times a year. it happened so much he started documenting it with pictures. here is a picture of a tsa lock on his bag before a trip
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to germany. here is video of the bag coming off the luggage carousel without the lock. >> i can't tell you why. i was told repeatedly they have keys and my lock would be secure and in tact. >> a brooke stone location, tsa-approved locks sell for $20 and are a popular item. store personnel tell us combination locks are often sold out. exactly what is happening with the locks? well that remains a question for debate. >> it may actually be a situation where tsa agents are pilfering items from the bags and don't want there to be any evidence left over. >> the tsa tells 7 on your side that in the fiscal year just ended, they received more than 3500 complaint having to do with tsa-approved locks. the reported incidents of theft are quite small. just under 200 each year from
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an estimated 1.8 million who traveled daily through u.s. airports. >> cologne was missing, things i purchased while in europe. >> the tsa wouldn't talk to us on camera, but a spokesperson told us by phone and e-mail that there is no proof that agents are clipping the lock. physical bag inspections do not require the tsa to cut or otherwise damage tsa-approved locks. as a last resort when the tsa locks are unable to be opened, the locks are cut. when went on to say for every tsa agent that touches a bag, another dozen airline employees also touch. it the airline trade group, airlines of america says its members have put cameras along the baggage path and routinely take measures to make sure baggage arrives on time and in the same condition as it was checked. they are pointing back to
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tsa. >> it would be good to get my money back and assurances about standing behind their job as tsa agents. >> now, here are a few tips to consider, never pack any valuables in your luggage. keep them on your body or in your carry on. travel with solid, but inexpensive luggage and that way thieves won't notice you as often. and if you ever do run into a problem you can file a claim with the tsa. now, i have a link to the claim form on our website, just go to and click on 7 on your side. >> thank you. we have an update on the breaking news we brought you at the top of the broadcast. it is happening right now in san jose. a robbery and a chase ended in a crash. a foot pursuit and a shootout, and there was gunbattle with police. an officer has been wounded. officers as we speak right now are searching an area nearly a quarter mile wide near 101 for the suspect or suspects involved. again the search continues. right now we will bring you
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more as develops. we want another check on our wet weather right now. >> wave one of the storm through the bay area. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the latest. >> dan and carolyn, this is storm number one. it is not even through yet, and storm number two is developing. i'll show you on satellite in a moment. live doppler 7hd is still tracking this next round of rain right now. it has been steady across the north bay. the heaviest rain is around ukiah. we do have moderate pockets of rain around santa rosa and roanoke park. it is down to street level. millbrae avenue and todd road. we are getting some of the moderate rainfall. if you are caught in it, of course it is coming down pretty good. in san francisco, daly city we are seeing some lighter rainfall. as you can see third street and highway 101 and balboa street and definitely still some damp pavement out there. as we look at the bigger picture here, widely scattered showers across the east bay, the south bay and heading out toward the monterey bay. in the sierra nevada, the snow levels are still high.
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this is a warm system. the highest elevations are starting to pick up snow. only chain controls right now state route 4. the rainfall totals the last 24 hours look like this. .38 in san francisco. look at santa rosa. over half an inch of rain. down toward san jose, .07 of an inch of rain. are still counting. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s, and it is quite mild with the cloud cover. the waves of rain into saturday morning. a break develops tomorrow around midday. and a colder storm is coming in tomorrow night. your weekend is not a complete washout. of your plans may be okay. tomorrow morning scattered showers and temperatures in the 50s. could see an isolated thunderstorm. it is just a slight chance right now as this area of low pressure and the storm finally pushes through. we are still dealing with the leading edge of it. behind this system here is storm number two. it is a colder one coming in from the gulf of alaska. it gets here and it will make its presence known with the
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colder air. here is the computer animation. you can see widespread rainfall. the rain continues to be heavy in the early morning hours. we are getting a short break for a few hours. could be seeing dry pavement and then the next cold system moves in on saturday evening and heading into sunday morning. so if you have plans between those two time periods you will need the rain gear. by sunday, 9:00 a.m., the rain is tapering, and the sun will be out. unto two and a half inches in the north bay mountains and the santa cruz mountains. three quarters of an inch to an inch and a half. 1 to two inches north bay and less than that for the east bay and the south bay. this is until sunday at 9:00 a.m. winter weather advisory above 7500 feet until sunday at 10:00 a.m. the snow level will come down to 6,000 and up to 20 inches possible at the highest elevations. tomorrow afternoon look for temperatures in the upper 50s to the mid60s. for the money monterey bay,
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the numbers will be in the low to mid60s as you can see. here is a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. we are looking at periods of rain tomorrow. there will be a few breaks there . a chance of rain in the north bay on monday. a better possibility and 9 computer models across the entire bay area on tuesday. it is good to get it out of the way earlier. now early wednesday morning the showers are done. wednesday is a big travel day, and it is actually looking better, an improvement, mostly sunny for thanksgiving and even beyond that. raiders are playing the saints at 105 on sunday afternoon. weather is looking just fine. you will not have to take the rain gearment carolyn and dan, lisa will be here first thing tomorrow morning at 5:00. tracking the rain with live doppler 7hd. >> thank you, sandhya. well, tonight on "20/20" a special program called" the real dish" there was new and unsettling insight on how the food we are served is handled. >> the i-team is looking at
12:23 am
another food industry practice not widely known by consumers called meat glue used to bind scraps together making it appear as a prime cut of beef. >> dan noyes reports on the health concerns about meat glue. >> any shape or product or semi product used -- >> a product from a nebraska company is commonly referred to as meat glue. it uses proteins isolated from cow or pig blood. it is a coagulant, the same thing in your body that makes a cut heal. in this case, it is used to heal pieces of meat that would be discarded back together. >> the use of fiber mix means a reduction in unsaleable parts. >> the unsaleable parts are often the tougher meat left over after processors cut the best part out of a beef tenderloin. the scraps could be made into hamburger, stew meat or thrown out. >> this is cubed beef. >> this chef doesn't use meat glue in his restaurant, but he
12:24 am
agreed to show us how it works with another product. the coated pieces go into a circular tin for the fillet mignon. set overnight and there it is. >> nice, juicey franken steak. >> here is the problem. the outside of a piece of meat comes in contact with a lot of bacteria making its way from slaughter house to table. cooking a normal steak will usually kill that off. the center is sterile and that's why you can eat it rare. but glue pieces of mate together and bacteria such as e-coli can be on the inside. >> say somebody wants the fillet stake -- steak rare. the center temperature will not reach the temperature to kill the bacteria. >> the most glued products are fillet mignon served as restaurants, banquets or hotels. analysts and a spokeswoman says it has to be labeled as reformed.
12:25 am
you wouldn't see it if you were eating out. >> it is on the label. it may not be on the label on the menu of a restaurant, but it is on a label somewhere in the facility. talk to the wait staff. you need to ask and be informed. >> if you are going to a wedding or another reception, there is a chance you will be serving a meat dpliewed -- meat glued fillet. you can see the investigations at for the i-team dan noyes, abc7 news. we are following breaking news in san jose. news in san jose. >> a [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. news. a manhunt underway for the people who shot at a san jose police officer. >> it started as a police chase involving armed robbery suspects. the gunman jumped out of the car and took off running firing shots. >> the officer was hit. he is expected to survive. police have shutdown a quarter mile area near highway 101 as they search for those responsible. it is believed they pulled off four convenience store robberies today. and more breaking news, a chp officer hurt when his car
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rolled over on highway 101 in petaluma. >> it happened on slick pavement. his injuries are not believed to be serious despite the state of the car. >> thank goodness. look at that car.


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